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High-D Boys

The High-D Boys are a goofy, yet entertaining group of extremely talented gentlemen performing for YOU!

Providing the best in the sweets and sours of the music and comedy industry. We'll make you laugh to our child-like behavior; Make you cry during a four-part, sometimes six part if Robert is feeling up to harmonizing with himself, harmonious ballads; Make you dance to our wicked sweet wash-tub beat; And simply entertain at any venue and location possible. In n Out is good too. And Sushi!

A Banjo, A guitar, and a wash-tub! Add in four part harmony and its a recipe for the best of the comedy that has been lost along the way. Originally our design was to play some real jazz and include the Ukulele in our sound. We originally started it off as just a duet, Patrick and Javier on Ukulele! After one practice we decided to throw in comedy and then the ball rolled even further to include two very capable musicians; Daniel and Phil... The Ball finally came to a stop when we found Robert, well he found us.... We toyed with the idea of forming a jug band/jazz band fusion (We still haven't thrown that idea out yet) but things lead to a comedic show including the moon walk, funny jokes, sarcastic remarks, flashy skills (Including Bo-Staff and rope), and of course, tasteful music to fill the longing heart. Our style ranges from the warm climates of Latin music to Honky Tonk and soothing ballads to hippity hop swing! If you have ever yearned for a song but were too scared to tell people because fear of being ridiculed stopped you, we do it! And we do it well!

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